Bloody shit full of worms

Dear Dr. Butcher:

I just came from the can and noticed the toilet bowl full of worms and blood. Must have forgot to flush it. Is this something serious? What should I do about it?



Dear Frogger:

A normal person would have taken themselves to the Emergency as fast as possible! What are you doing writing me and waiting for a reply? You’re probably dead by now from Ebola or cancer of the sphincter. Idiot!

Dr. Butcher

Dear Dr. Butcher:

Ignore that message from my husband Frogger. The lazy bastard won’t empty the garbage or fix the kitchen garberator. I didn’t want to plug the sink or stink the place up so I scraped the kids’s Boyardee lunch plates into the toilet.

I was the one who forgot to flush but I’ll remember to next time. So he doesn’t come panicking to me with a flashlight asking me to look up his bunghole.


Mrs. Frogger