Invest in Gold

Golden Opportunity for Collectors:

The Canadian penny has been discontinued. Farklin Mint is offering a limited time chance to own your very own commemorative Canadian gold penny!


Now is the time to own your very own. With gold approaching $1800 an ounce, you could own your very own commemorative penny coated with over 5 milligrams of .999% pure Canadian gold. Each coin comes complete with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Act now! And instead of paying the regular price of


You can order your Canadian Commemorative Gold Penny for the low low price of only $19.95* ! In order to preserve the value of this collectible item, orders are limited to a maximum of only 5 per customer per order. And remember to act quickly as the lower the number on the Certificate of Authenticity, usually the more valuable the item is to collectors.

Operators are standing by now, place your order immediately by calling

1-800-968-3665 or 1-800-YOU-FOOL

*plus Shipping and Handling