Are you a goddam slug? One of those drivers who starts shaking and sniveling if your car approaches the posted speed limit? Who races to catch up with the guy ahead, but never passes because you’re a cowering chickenshit afraid to be out on the road all by yourself without Mommy to hold your hand? Or you wear a hat and spend all your time concerned about the drivers behind you – “Harrumph! This guy thinks he can go 110 in a 100 zone, why I’ll show him a thing or two!”

Well one day you’ll meet me on the road. Buah-hah-hah!

We’ll soon see some new models available here as the result of Fiat’s takeover of Chrysler. In the works is a new made in Italy Jeep Picallo CUV based on the Fiat500. Probably the Lancia Ricotta and Alfa Romeo MortaDella XL will be in showrooms by mid-2014.

One of those drivers wondering how oil’s 1/5th its former price, but gas isn’t even down to half? Its the lack of refinery capacity, the taxes, etc. etc. Bullshit. Its the greedy markups, they’re not making a killing on the oil, so they’re screwing us on the refining and retail end because they own those too! You know it and I know it. The people you elect know it, but won’t do jack shit cuz they’re OWNED by those oil companies. Meanwhile they’ll keep coming up with incredible excuses: there’s a war in Chad – Sarah Palin’s gramma wore brown shoes – the unions did it….