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Plastic garden shed converted to Vancouver lane home 98 sq ft Bids open at $460,000 Box 32

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59 seats. Contact Thomas Mulcair Box 44

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I will readesmen. Mine no good sunna mobitch Box 74

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1934 PanAm Clipper plastic model $350 Box 32300 Miscellaneous

340  Sulfur & Brimstone

The Rosicrustacean Order Box6rosicrustaceanSinners repent! Or be prepared for plagues of locusts upon thine nether parts, virulent warts and boils on thy bum. God hates you, He shalt smite you with fifteen ton weights dropped from Heaven and sharp toothe varmints to feast upon thy toes. Box 27

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1954 Hammond free for the taking Box 4

I will donate my organ free to any ladies requiring it. Mikey Box 44

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Fraser Valley’s Largest Selection of farts in jars. DIefenbaker, FDR, the Queen Mother, Golda Mier, Leonid Brazhnev and many other rare collectibles. Sample sniffs available Box 244

Capt Smellys Endless Going Out Of Business Sale at the 176 offramp every Sat & Sun 9am – 4pm Box9

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Edward Robinson, please oome home. The garbage has piled up now over six months, no one else knows how to take it to the lane. Or how to use a self-serve, the cars been out of gas since you left. Call Margie or write Box 89999 Too Lates